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Unit Components
School District:Watertown
Unit of Study Title:All About Me
Grade Level:Other
Time Frame:two weeks
Key Words:autobiography
Unit Designer:Tammy Schoon
Unit Designer
Date Added:6/14/2002 11:36:17 AM
Date Last Revised:6/14/2002 11:36:17 AM
Topic Area:Communications/Language Arts
Peer Reviewer:Joyce Anderson
Peer Reviewer

Brief Summary of Unit: All About Me is a Language Arts Unit focusing on using Technology to meet the content standards. Included in this unit the students will be required to use Word, Inspirations, Power Point, and the digital camera as a way to retrieve and manage information.
Technology facilitates, enhances, and expands students' abilities in all of English language arts. To live, learn, and work successfully in an increasingly complex society, students must be able to use technology effectively.
The challenge facing America's schools is the empowerment of all children to function effectively in their future, a future marked increasingly with change, information growth, and evolving technologies.
Students will Understand: **Students will understand how to use Inspirations, Word document, the Digital Camera, and Powerpoint to meet the Languge Arts Stnadards.

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Communications/Language Arts
Students will write effectively for different audiences and specific purposes.

Indicator:**apply various stages of the writing process. (example: brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, publishing)
**write to inform or entertain a specific audience.

**model the use of different elements of style. (example: word choice, tone, voice, sentence variation)

**edit final copies for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. (example: abbreviations, nouns of address, apostrophes)

Benchmark(s):**use technology for revising and editing. (example: spell/grammar check)

**use technology to share writing with others and to receive feedback.

**use reference tools to retrieve and manage information. (example: interactive software, CD ROM, video materials, Internet)
Other Content Standards:None Listed

Other Components
Essential Questions to Guide this Unit and Focus Teaching and Learning: **Can you tell me about yourself?
**How many people are in your family?
**What are your likes and dislikes?
**What are your favorite foods, sports, and colors?
**What do you want to be when you grow up?
**Who are your friends?
**What are your hobbies?
**What are your fears?
Key Knowledge and Skills Students will Acquire: **Students will be able to draft an inspiration about them selves.
**Students will be able to draft an outline on Inspiration.
**From their outline, Students will be able to use Word to write a story about themselves.
**Students will be able to use the digital camera to take photos of a particular student.
**Students will be able to scan a picture of their family with the use of note cards.
**Students will able to create a powerpoint of themselves by inserting information from their Word document, inspiration, and digital camera.
Assessment Plan: **Use Rubric to assess their inspiration.
**Use Rubric to assess their outline.
**Use Rubric to assess their Word Document.
**Use Rubric to assess their digital camera.
**Use Rubric to assess their scanning.
**Use Rubric to assess their power point.
Learning Activities: **Students will work as a team to generate ideas of what to put on our inspirations.
**Students will create an Inspiration.
**Students will draw from a hat the name of another student of which they need to obtain pictures of using the digital camera.
**Students will take the outline from the Inspiration and draft a story about themselves.
**Students will create a Word Document.
**Students will bring family pictures from home to scan.
** Student will be about to create a Powerpoint of all the things they have done in their All About Me Unit.
Notes:When working with Learning Center Students there may be a wide range of ability
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Adapted from the the work of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. Understanding by
Design. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Alexandria, VA. 1998.

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