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Unit Components
School District:Woonsocket
Unit of Study Title:Novel: A Separate Peace
Grade Level:9-12
Time Frame:three weeks
Key Words:Novels John Knowles
Unit Designer:Michael Marshall
Unit Designer
Date Added:6/14/2002 9:47:09 AM
Date Last Revised:6/14/2002 11:29:14 AM
Topic Area:Communications/Language Arts
Peer Reviewer:Joel Warne
Peer Reviewer

Brief Summary of Unit: The student will read and discuss the novel A Seperte Peace, focusing on theme, symbolism, plot, setting, characterization, and conflict.

The student will then determine whether Gene Forrester accidently or intentionaly injured Finny because of their intense competition.
Students will Understand: The students will learn that not all competition is healthy, and sometimes the people they consider to be friends are not always looking after their best interests.

They will also be aware that sometimes learning takes place over a lifetime of reflection and introspection.

Link to Standards #1

Communications/Language Arts
Students will write effectively for different audiences and specific purposes.
Students will use critical listening and viewing skills in various situations and for a variety of purposes.
Students will speak effectively in a variety of formal and informal situations.

Indicator:1 Students will use appropriate mechanics, usage, and conventions of language.

2 Students will use appropriate style, organization, and form in technical, transactional, creative, and
personal writing.

3 Students will write to clarify and enhance understanding of information.

1 Students will use the appropriate structure and sequence to best express ideas and convey information

3 Students will use various presentations strategies to enhance oral communication
Benchmark(s):1-1 Apply various reading cues/strategies to interpret and comprehend text.
1-2 Evaluate patterns of organizations, literary elements, and literary devices within various texts.

2-1 Use appropriate mechanics, usage, and conventions of language.
2-2 Use appropriate style, organization, and form in technical, transactional, creative, and personal writing.
2-3 Use various strategies and techniques to improve qriting quality.

3-2 Use various listening and viewing strategies in social, academic, and occupational situations.
3-3 Interpret and evaluate ideas/information from various oral/visual sources.
3-4 Utilize various strategies retain/retrieve critical oral and visual information.

4-1 Use the appropriate structure and sequence to best express ideas and convey information.
4-2 Use appropriate language and style for a variety of social, occupational, formal, and informal situations.
Other Content Standards:None Listed

Other Components
Essential Questions to Guide this Unit and Focus Teaching and Learning: What makes a best friend?

Do people ever stop learning from their experiences.

At what point can competition become unhealthy.
Key Knowledge and Skills Students will Acquire: The students will demonstrate an understanding of the terms plot, characterization, setting, theme, symbolism, and conflict
Assessment Plan: Theme writing/rubric

Presentation of Mock trial/rubric

Vocabulary quizzes

Final Test
Learning Activities: Reading the novel

Presenting mock trial of Gene

Viewing video
Notes:I'm not sure about the time frame. I have to run through this unit once. I know it can be completed in three weeks if we have no classroom interruptions.
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Adapted from the the work of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. Understanding by
Design. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Alexandria, VA. 1998.

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