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Unit Components
School District:Custer
Unit of Study Title:Introduction to proquest
Grade Level:9-12
Time Frame:one day
Key Words:Proquest
Unit Designer:Jean Diedtrich
Unit Designer
Date Added:6/7/2002 12:39:56 PM
Date Last Revised:6/12/2002 11:25:07 AM
Topic Area:Communications/Language Arts
Peer Reviewer:Wendi Diedtrich
Peer Reviewer

Brief Summary of Unit: Upon teacher request, students will come to the library during the teacher’s class period to learn the mechanics of how to use Proquest. Proquest is the periodical index to magazines that is located on the computer. The students will be evenly divided among the computers in the library. The instruction will involve the students following along on the computer while the librarian walks them through this program. At the completion of this class, the student will be able to use the Proquest program.
Students will Understand: The student will understand how to access Proquest.
The student will understand how to navigate Proquest.
The student will understand how to find information in Proquest.

Link to Standards #1

Communications/Language Arts
Students will read at increasing levels of complexity for various purposes.

Other Content Standards:None Listed

Other Components
Essential Questions to Guide this Unit and Focus Teaching and Learning: What is Proquest?
Why would I use Proquest?
Key Knowledge and Skills Students will Acquire: Students will be able to
Navigate Proquest
Access Proquest
Obtain information on Proquest
Assessment Plan: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Proquest by showing that they can use the program. This will be done in two ways. During instruction the teacher and librarian will observe the student’s competency of Proquest. After this demonstration, the teacher will require the students to use this program when creating projects in the classroom.
Learning Activities: The students will come to the library for one class period to learn the mechanics of Proquest. Students are evenly divided among the computers. The librarian will walk the students through the program. As this is done the students will also be using the computers.
Notes: Make sure Proquest is loaded on all computers
Make sure the program and all computers are working
Make sure if using certain topics that they are still the same as when you walked through the program
Make sure you are comfortable with the program
Internet Resource Link: None Listed

Adapted from the the work of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. Understanding by
Design. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Alexandria, VA. 1998.

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