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Unit Components
School District:Lead-deadwood
Unit of Study Title:The Future Is Yours
Grade Level:6-8
Time Frame:approximately 6 class periods
Key Words:personality inventory, abilities, interests, values, job requirements, Interview, Power Point, required education, job preparation
Unit Designer:Sharon Walker
Unit Designer
Date Added:6/12/2002 2:44:16 PM
Date Last Revised:6/20/2002 11:32:41 AM
Topic Area:Communications/Language Arts
Peer Reviewer:Cora Brown
Peer Reviewer

Brief Summary of Unit: Planning and thinking about the future is a responsibility that is entirely up to each of us as contributing members of our society, family and community. The classes we choose to take in middle and high school, jobs we choose and what we do with our time in the community will be a determining factor in our future. The future is ours to be planned with knowledge discovered through exploration.

The goals of this unit include, developing the awareness that we all experience multiple life roles and responsibilities within our family, career and community. Students will examine potential career choices to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with each. They will also examine potential career choices and the skills necessary to be successful with these choices. Finally, students will demonstrate communication skills in the classroom as they share the results of their research into specific careers.
Students will Understand: Students will understand that there are many facets and duties to any occupation. Students will also understand that some occupations require a greater amount of training and education; and benefits, including pay, can vary greatly.

The students will begin the process of exploring their own interests and personality type to give them tools for researching a possible career choice for themselves.

Students will understand how to present information they have discovered to the class.

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Communications/Language Arts
Students will speak effectively in a variety of formal and informal situations.

Indicator:1.1 Analyze strategies to manage multiple individual, family, career and community settings.
1.2 Demonstrate transferable and employability skills in community and workplace settings.
Benchmark(s):1.1.6 Determing skills and knowledge needed to develop a life plan for achieving individual, family and career goals.
1.2.1 Examine potential career choices to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with each.
Other Content Standards:Language Arts Content Standards
Reading: The student will read to acquire information for different purposes.
The student will use reference tools to retrive and manage information.
Listening and Viewing:
The student will combine new information with prior knowledge for recall.
The student will select and use audio-visual aids to maximize effect in various communication situations.
The student will select a focus, organize, and point-of-view for oral presentations.
The student will investigate ways to highlight ideas displayed in visual aids.
The student will demonstrate the use of audio-visual equipment in communication.
Indicator 3: Speaking: Students will use various presentation strategies to enhance oral
communication, e.g., non-verbal techniques, visual aids, physical
Benchmark: The student will present oral informations in a logical and coherent manner.

Other Components
Essential Questions to Guide this Unit and Focus Teaching and Learning: How and why does a person choose their occupation?
How does a person find out which occupation might be right for them?
Where is information on occupations located and how can it be accessed?
How can this information be shared with others?
Key Knowledge and Skills Students will Acquire: Students will now have acquired much more information about different occupations.
Students will now know more about themselves through the completion of interest and personality inventories. They will also know how to access these on the Internet.
Students will be able to research, via Internet, a particular career that may be of interest to them.
Students will be able to use Power Point to present information to others.
Assessment Plan: The formal assessment wil include rubrics for the interview conpleted by the student. A parent of another adult who is interviewed will complete an evaluation rubric.
Interest and personality inventories will be completed over the Internet, printed out and turned in to the teacher with other required materials.
One career will be chosen and researched via various Internet sites and presented to the class in the form of a Power Point Presentation. A rubric will be used for evaluation of work.
Learning Activities: The core learning activities will include a formal interview with an adult concerning his/her occupatio Also included will be the 'Work Interest Quiz,' 'The Career Key' (a career personality inventory) and 'The Career Interest Game,' all completed via the Internet and printed out, to be placed in a Career Folder. The students from these sights, will complete further research into specific jobs of interest. Finally, students will compile information about one occupation of particular interest and present specific information concerning that job, to the class, in Power Point. For the Internet 'Work Interest Quiz' the link is
The link for 'The Career Key' is
The associated link for 'The Career Interests Game' is
Notes:This activity will allow students to explore various careers or occupations,begin to make decisions about possible occupations and set tentative goals for their future.
Internet Resource Link:

Adapted from the the work of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. Understanding by
Design. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Alexandria, VA. 1998.

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